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To use this package it is necessary to install it (with pip or by source) and also download the DAVIS 2017 Dataset. The instructions to do so are as follows.

PyPi Install

To install the package you can run the following command on your terminal:

# Python 3 strongly recommended
# Install numpy and Cython as are required to build our package
pip install numpy Cython
# Install the package
pip install davisinteractive

DAVIS Dataset

In addition to installing the framework, you will need to download the trainval DAVIS 2017 Dataset with 480p resolution from here.

Moreover, you can download the trainval scribbles from here. You have to unzip the scibbles zip file in the folder containing DAVIS (in /path/to supposing DAVIS is in /path/to/DAVIS).

Note: A script to download automatically the dataset and the scribbles is coming soon.

Install from Source

If you prefer, you can install the package downloading the source code and installing it. To do so, you need to run these commands:

# Download the code
git clone && cd davis-interactive
# Install it - Python 3 recommended
python install


If you want to contribute to this package you will need to have a copy of the code to work with. First, download the code from Github:

git clone && cd davis-interactive
git checkout -b my/new/branch

To have a development copy of the package installed for Python you can run the following:

pip3 install -e .

This will link the available copy of the package to your current copy so all the modifications that you made on the code will be visible by any script.

If you want to help us improve the documentation it will be necessary to have some additional packages:

pip3 install mkdocs pydoc-markdown mkdocs-material

Then you serve the documentation live on your local machine to check the changes you make on the documentation.

cd docs

# Serve the documentation live
pydocmd serve

# Build the documentation